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I'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds...

You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground...

melita p. luda
15 May 1984

Basics>>>melita.x.meli.x.twenty-five.x.may 15, 1984.x.san antonio, tx.x.college student.x.waitress.x.green eyes.x.reddish-brown hair.x.in it for the music, not the looks.x.tattoos.x.emotional.x.pudgy, not fat.x.hopeless dreamer.x.not happy.x.lazy.x.I keep my friends close & my enemies closer.x.lonely.x.adopts families to feel loved.x.scared of everything.x.most comfortable in band tees & jeans.x.I LOVE eyeshadow.x.I love my "big brothers" more than my own life.x.

Loves>>>music.x.boys.x.sleep.x.road trips for shows.x.Robby, Danny, Nate, Stan, Jeff, Danimal, Devo, Jonny Ballz, Dan Dan the tour manager man, Joey K who are my brothers, they make me happy.x.Hidden In Plain View.x.Paul Thomas .x.tattoos.x.piercings.x.The Movies: Elvis & Me, Grind, Eurotrip, She's The Man, Step Up, The Girl Next Door, Saved! and anything on Lifetime.x.traveling.x.my friends.x.ebay.x.myspace.x.livejournal.x.my online friends.x.internet.x.Las Vegas, the lights get me everytime.x.meeting bands.x.free stuff.x.web design.x.DVDs.x.BIG HUGS.x.

Dislikes>>>having no money.x.living in Texas.x.getting kicked off line.x.my brother, he's an asshole.x.people putting down the bands I love.x.fashion.x.trends.x.screaming girls @ shows that think so or so is "OMG SEH FUCKIN' HAWT!!! LIKE OMG! HE LIKE LOOKED AT ME!" YOU SHOULD DIE!.x.being ditched.x.always being the third wheel.x.Ohio & Texas not being next to each other.x.


NATIONAL PRODUCT = my brothers, my life! ♥

.x.My Music.x.

>>> Lucky Boys Confusion, Hidden In Plain View, Good Charlotte, Gold Mind Squad, Story of the Year, Loser's Luck, Lostprophets, National Product, The Spill Canvas, The Format, Ryan Adams, Wakefield, Jedd Hughes, Story of the Year, Brand New, Start Trouble, Love Arcade, Self Against City, Monty Are I, Dropping Daylight, Fall Out Boy, Count the Stars, Greyfield, New Found Glory, From First To Last, The Fastlane, Mainsfield, Hazen St. Sugarcult, Billy Talent, Spitalfield, Blink 182, Something Corporate, Moneen, iSOLA, the Used, Suburband Legends, Agents of the Sun, Allister, MxPx, GOB, Riddlin' Kids, Straight Outta Junior High, AFI, Greatness In Tragedy, Joe Nichols, The Early November, The Chemistry, Punchline, Ateriavia, Still Life Projector, Action Action!, Liars Academy, The Berlin Project, The Ataris, one7one, Yellowcard, Slick Shoes, Autopilot Off, Dashboard Confessional <<<

.x.Local Love.x.

>>> Red Reverse, Hollowpoint, Forever Is Never, Carbon 12 Theory, Fairhaven, Defekt, Knockoff, Cinderleaf/June, The Teliskas <<<

.x.Love Forever & Always.x.
Rest In Peace

My Dad, I miss you. I love you. [April 13, 2006]

My Big Buddy, Anthony. I can't wait to see your smiling face in Heaven. I love you and I'll always miss you. [12.17.83 - 01.01.07]

>>> Count the Stars [11/28/03], Fairhaven [11/23/02], Grandpa Cansler [12/17/03], The Movielife, Greyfield, Uncle Jerry [5/15/97], The Castillo Family: Alfred, Sr., Rachel, Alfred, Jr. [07/18/01], Protein Shake [Jan. '02], Edwin Valasquez [August '00], Fuse, Defekt [August '03], Grandma Brown [12/14/97], Jonathan Brandis [11/12/03], Lottie Parrish [August 26, 2004], Gilda "Momma" Martinez [September 12, 2004], Hash Patel [November 21, 2004], Ann Woodlee [9.3.06], Dad [4.13.06], Anthony Castillo [1.1.07] <<<





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♥ I think I, I could use a little break, today was a good day. I think I, I could use a little break, today was a good day. It's a deep sea on which I'm floating. Still I sink to think that i must... Crawl, theres things that aren't worth giving up I know. When you can't bear to carry me I'll fight. You live the life you're given with the storms outside somedays all I do is watch the sky, Today was a good day, today was a good day. ♥

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